Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I need uniforms!

I still only have 1 uniform at Mc Donalds and I have told Tanya, good lord knows how many times about getting more uniforms and I still have yet to recieve any! I wonder when she will finally get some?


skthaxton said...

Hey Jesse, how old were you in that picture?? Or is that you?
Hope you have a good summer... don't work too hard.


skthaxton said...

hmmm, saw a name under the picture..guess it is NOT you.


Toney Stowers said...

I have 2 softball uniforms and Debi has some nurse uniforms. One is purple with pink trim and lace around the neck. Would you like that to wear at work? Just trying to help.

Jesse said...

Geez, I like how you joke around about that...HAHA! I might as well forget about the uniforms.