Sunday, May 29, 2005

My summer is ruined!!

I forgot that I'm getting a job at either Dairy Queen or Mc Donalds, and now I won't get to participate in even half of the church events. I wish there was a way to participate in lots of them, especially when we are eating together.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The School Prank.

Today of all days I usually don't eat school food, and today I did. I just got word that someone stuck laxutives in the vegetable soup...and you can guess how I felt after that...DIAHREA!!!! I really don't appreaciate who ever did this, but it was kinda funny.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

It will be my time soon...

After watching today's senior banquet, I see myself up there, well not up there speaking infront of everyone, but just graduating and getting myself into a whole new world! When I heard that it will be hard to fill the shoes of the seniors of this year, I thought to myself, I may not make the cut, but there are others who can. I'm just glad to be getting close to the end of the beginning! I know I wasn't much of an influence to anybody, but that doesn't matter to me, my goal wasn't to be someone I know I can't be, my goal was, well actually I don't truly know my goal. If there was someone I influenced I don't know what I did or how I did it, and I want to know whom I influenced, as a means of proof of something special in my life. Till my day comes all I can do is wait and work my way to the end.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Unhealthy, unbeneficial school food?

It has been said that the food we it at school is healthy. Well in reality those bozos who said this should eat some food poisoning for saying that, since the food only makes people gain weight more. This state is too lazy to fork over cash for a good cause than for the bad causes to just waste money. You don't need to worry about freshman 15 when you get in college because, you gotta worry about the highschool supreme (or in other words freshman - senior 40) first. I gained so much weight from eating highschool food it's not even funny. If schools want healthy and smart students they should care a little more than they are, it's not the present they should worry about it's the future! I used to be 210 pounds before I stopped eating school food and now I'm 173 that should tell you something, school food is bad!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I passed!

I passed my drivers test, I'm an official driver now!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

We need more fun things for church.

As busy as our youth group schedule is and all, we need more FUN things to do, we all know the usual ice skating, but how about regular roller skating (if there is any left)? Something else that would be different is going to a restaurant and all of us eating, and a great restaurant is the Californian American Chinese Cuisine, great buffet of both worlds. Another movie night would be pretty decent along with a game night where everyone brings in fun games to play (of course I bring in the best of them all the DDR). Of course it's almost that time of year again lets go to the park for an all teen cook out meaning ages 13 and up, it's time that teenagers have fun without young children always having to be there. These kind of activities are not demands just requests, and if this stuff is coming from me that has quite a bit of meaning, since I usually keep quiet about it all. Well now I have awaken from that sleep and I'm ready for action. So if you find any of my ideas pretty good for the future then thanks!

What does life mean to you?

Does life truly have a really nice meaning? Or is it just a word that corresponds to how people make it. I can't say it is just a really nice meaning, since it doesn't mean that much to me. I understand things much better now than I did before, but some of the realities I understand now are very amusing to me, and sometimes throws an obstacle in my path, sometimes that obstacle is so big, that I can't get around it by myself, or at least I don't think so. If you know what these kind of mixed feelings are like then you know the hardships and pain that I'm going through and truly in my opinion it could make me stronger in the long run. This just might be a work of God testing me on my emotional path and it has been a hard path to take.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A world beyond reality.

Have you ever wanted to be somewhere enchanting, somewhere out of the real hardships of what the world does? This may not take you completely away from it all, but it gives you some peace of mind. Online gaming is a great way of going into your own fantasy. I myself play online games and I have some posted in my blogger under the links section and the good thing is that they are free. I shall give a small description of some posted. Ragnarok Online- A beautiful animated game with nice graphics, and real sound and music, which gives the feel of almost real life. It has many quests, and people with a multitude of classes to choose from. Gates To Heaven- An online game that makes you think of angels, that has many quests, people and 4 classes of hermits 2 being male and 2 being female. Dragon Raja-A great game that has a few classes, many quests and people and will be going free to play in June (not sure of the exact date), but it will be great.

I will warn you, this game may have bad language, not from the game itself, but from the players on the server. There might be foul language blockers, but I'm not sure. The language isn't much of a problem, if it is just minimize the chat screen. Remember I play on these games, so if you decide you want to play, please invite friends and family to come a join me in a world beyond reality and step into a world of fantasy.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I survived!

I made it past the horrid presentation! I had no difficulty what so ever once I got started. I still don't know how long I did. All I care about is that I made it.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

It went pretty well.

Well I survived the prom...had some tears from being a wall flower once in a while. I mananged to dance with a few people and did some fun dances as well. But some people wouldn't even say hi to me which made me more upset. The same person that I thought was my best friend..I still hope he is. Next time I will try to get a date, that was the main problem. Anyways I do have prom pictures which will be in I don't know when.