Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Who Will Be The Next American Idol?

I'm currently viewing tonights final episode, and I vote all on Taylor, he seems to have his head on straight and his morals seem pretty strong as well. My reasons for this is how that skank singing with him forced his hand on her hip, and he instantly removes it from that general area. The reason for not voting on Katharine is that she doesn't really seem to have as much emotion and fun with her songs. The nerd who couldn't sing was so funny on stage and it got really funny when Clay appeared. This show truly is good for people, you just got to have some talent to get somewhere.

Post who you think should win or should have won!

The Winner is Taylor Hicks! My predictions are so awesome, my greatest congrats to Taylor on his win!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Want To Change The World

I got bored and I heard a song which was called Change The World, but I decided to use christian type lyrics to make it better. Don't criticize me to much.

I want to change the world, live a life filled with love and care, walking along side with Christ, and when I feel alone, I know that someone will be there, just have some faith!

When I walk into a world of hate people try to bring me down, and I think to myself it's going to be ok, because I have God on my side, and nothing can take that away from me.

I want to change the world, learn to be a firm example, and lead others wrong, through faith I can succeed, and hopefully make many people believe.

As the journey down this narrow path lengthens, the depression and burdens of this world thickens, and it looks as if all hope is gone, then some friends lend me a helping hand to make me strong.

I want to change the world, growing up in a family, that will forever help me, for when I need some support, and will show the up most guidance.

When the journey finally comes to an end, I plan on returning to his open arms for an eternity of peace and happiness.

That ends this song, I couldn't really make it match the official lyrics, in fact I probably wasn't even close, so basically this just came from my heart. The one thing I learned in just this one year is, that I would have gotten no where without my church family, I love them all dearly!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Ok, this isn't some happy post on my expeience with this event that comes with graduation, but I shall tell it how I saw it through my eyes. I come in and of course I feel weird, I see my worst enemy from school (which so happens to be in show choir), which makes it even more awkward. I sit in the pues for a bit, then I get an awkward boredom feeling, so I begin to walk some to ease the boredome. Then a few more Seniors come and and we go into another room with everyone else. We are in 2 lines both with exactly 25 students in each row (wow, only 50 students out of like 231 haha what a surprise). We then march into the sanctuary, and sit in the front pues. The songs these kids sang just made me want to gag a lung up, I mean geez...who sings the song We Are A Circle of Friends, when over half of us probably don't like each other to begin with? The sermon was pretty boring, I would prefer my Youth Minister to do it instead he always makes things interesting. Then we have another song then the corny lighting of a candle with my enemy saying a prayer, then it's all over! I was burning up inside my gown. All I can say is that it's almost over! Till the next episode of my life in the world of graduation shall continue soon!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last Day At Last!

Well, today was my last day at Hurricane High, and I earned every bit of this vacation! I made a 100% on my Music Appreciation test, and that was basically the biggest thing I did today. I'm not really feeling any emotional thoughts about the students at school, but that's ok, I will be starting over new. I will miss some, but they will probably come to the same college with me. I now present to you a song that to me means the ending leading to a new beginning! This song is in Japanese, but there are words in english at the bottom, read them carefully.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Song of The Day

The Rock

An excellent song that gives me hope, and raises my spirit.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Memories of yesterday at the Prom

This years prom dominated last years by a long run. The dancing music wasn't as bad either, not as much rap was used, more 80's music involved. The chocolate fountain was awesome! Me an Rachel danced quite a bit, we did the Cha Cha Dance, the Moccarena and the YMCA. I did the Electric Slide, I was a little rusty, it was quite an interesting show I pulled off. We also got free keychains and T-shirts. We watched Posiden, that movie was good, but very scary, I think it should have been rated R, the violence was pretty massive. We made it home around 3:30 in the morning. 4 hours of sleep just isn't enough for me. The next big event is graduation, I can't wait!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Proms Tomorrow!

The time has finally come at last, the Hurricane High School prom is tomorrow, and I actually have a date! There are some things I don't like about proms in my generation, and that is the use of Rap as dance music. If you have music like that, it promotes the nastiest dancing, for example, bumping and grinding (which I still don't really know what that is), but it's a dirty dance and I hate it. Another thing that makes me crazy is people getting hammered, whats the fun in getting drunk? I'm sure there will be some nice snacks to munch on, and there is a good photographer this time. I hope no one gets hurt leaving the prom.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Thoughts Of Tonights Occasion

Tonight was a night that I will never forget, because I was actually honored for something. What made it even more special was that Jake showed up for it and we had our pictures taken together. Tonight I felt so much love from everyone, that I wish that this could have gone forever! I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and my anticipation of this wasn't even close to precise it was beyond my imagination, and I'm so grateful for everyone who put so much time into it. It will take alot for the next Seniors to match up to us, but I think they can do it.
I know how much everyone at the Senior Banquet loved my song for the slide show, so I decided to post it for everyone to listen to! Enjoy!

Go West

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thoughts of Graduation

It seems like forever, for me to reach this amazing peak in my life, the capability of graduating! The journeys I had to take to get here was no smooth path, it seems that every step was filled with rocks. In Elementary School, life was just simple, and stuff didn't matter, although I thought I was really ugly at that stage in life. Then I come to Middle School, words can't explain how much I hated those years, I mean, I had to deal with these stupid slips called reminders (only in my 7th grade year did I receive some). Popularity started to be the big thing, and drama just started getting more intense, it sort of reminded me of a prison, your boundaries were limited, and you had to try very hard not to screw up. Now I come to High School, the place that many people seem to dream about, and I only find it to be just a little better than Middle School. The popularity is just maxed out at this point, and don't get me started on the drama issues. Dealing with so many evils at once could drive someone crazy. Everything just seemed to come out of the closet when I came here. Depression began to take effect in my Freshman and Sophomore years. My Junior year, I was just starting to get out of that stage, since it was at such a serious degree. In my Senior year, I started to know who I could and couldn't trust, at that moment, I really didn't have any friends at all. My maturity at church began to increase quite rapidly, at least that's what people say. I began to be very active in the church, and realize the value that everyone meant to me, I wanted to be visible, and a few Youth Ministers helped me reach that goal, and now I seem to be doing pretty well. It's officially almost time for me to graduate. I'm excited for this event because I won't have to deal with a lot of the students I knew from High School, and I get to have a new start at life to see if I can be better, which is the plan. I know that God will lead me down the right path, and many people will help along the way.

Greatest Love of All