Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Games to Reality....how did it apply?

As I have played many video games in my life, at the beggining things were quite simple, but as the gaming advanced things started getting a little more realistic, not talking about the graphics either, but more like religious backgrounds not in too much detail but shows some. The games that I play usually have deep dialogue and an interesting story to tell. Even tho it is wrong, they make there own god's in some of these games, but it's not the god that I focus on it's the situations that happen on that planet. When there is war, it takes something so massive as an unknown attack or disaster that puts everyone's life at risk, and seems to pull everyone against there fights against each other and focus on the tradgedy on hand. This sort of reminds me of what our country goes through...like the September 11th crisis. I might have already mentioned this in another post, but disaster seems to be the only way people can actually get together without having conflict with each other on the ridiculous topics of their lives. My application to reality and fantasy might be off, but that's how I noticed things.


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