Thursday, March 09, 2006

Life Is Just A Big Mirror

Today, I had one of those experiences where people say things about others that is so uplifting and makes that person or group of people look good, and if you talk to them in person or watch how they act, you don't see that uplifting description that you heard. This little story of course starts out near the end of school, as the Hurricane Show Choir performs to everyone. What always gets me is when their director always says that these kids are your friends (maybe for some), but in reality some of them act like snobs and make others feel bad, and of course one of those people that feels the effects is me. Don't get me wrong, they did an excellent performance, and I praise them for their God given talents, but their attitudes off the stage can be quite lethal. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with life being just a big mirror, well, some of those choir members are great people, but some of the ones you make friends with basically leave you in the dust due to popularity and have their own special cliques that you couldn't ever get into. One thing I have learned while gaining the useless knowledge at school is that almost anyone you talk to could just be a fake image of something you like, but in truth you know that the real image is something you never wanted to have to face.

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