Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Living Under Anothers Image

Everyone in one time or another in their life have had a special individual that they looked up to, one they want to be like. Some people look up to famous singers, other look up to movies stars, and others look up to family members. I used to look up to movie stars, but later I grew up realizing that that kind of admiration toward something that big was very irrational and only leads to false hopes. As from many past posts I do look up to a few people and these people helped mold my life quite drastically this year. One of these people I look up to is Toney, our Youth Minister, what this man has gone through in his life has influenced me in ways that he probably never knew, but in recent thoughts he made me think more positive towards life itself. Another person that I look up to is Jake, as many people know through positive comments, but this went to a whole other level of admiration. He built my confidence and made me feel like a true individual. I probably went a little too far with the "I wanna be like you" attitude and started dressing up in his type of clothing (not to mention that I do look good in the gear), but I feel even better about myself in that kind of image. One lady even thought I looked like him from a certain angle (not too shabby on my part). What makes these two individuals to be great idols for someone is the fact that they are christians that have a strong and faithful foundation for God, and to me that kind of idol is better than anything else.

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