Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is it a surprise?

People tend to think that surprises still exist in this world, they do, but usually the surprises come from the hearts of young children, once you hit your teenage years, this thing called surprise rarely ever works. Here are some ideas that no longer work to make a surprise for a person of my age, going into a store and trying to keep the one whose birthday is tomorrow away from the person purchasing the presents, that's just a big give away. Next is acting so strange, as we all know this is definitely not cover up for a surprise type of tactic. Lastly don't blame any mishaps on the person that is supposedly responsible for the guy having a birthday the next day, that only makes it more noticeable of something that is about to happen. Now that I have you drawn into this interesting concept it's time to apply it to something that gives this topic some meaning. As I learned in church, if people around you can't tell you are a Christian without you telling them, then you have done something very wrong...does this ring a bell? Is this a surprise to anyone? If a person is surprised that you are a Christian then...well...I think it's time for a reality check. I know that I'm not perfect and nobody else is either, but in order to make people think you are a Christian from my perspective, you need to be quite different from the crowd. How people saw me as a Christian was through my innocent action of following the rules, rarely getting into trouble, and the way my conscience acts in certain situations. These are a few things from my perspective that people see in me as a Christian. Don't make people act surprised that you are a Christian, show through expressions, the voice effect doesn't always work. Don't let people be surprised about you, hopefully they know what you are by how you act, and not by what you say. I personally don't like surprises, due to the fact that they can be very scary depending on the situation. What's your goal in life? Are you wanting to surprise everyone about what you are, or do you want them to know who you are without it being personally confronted?

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