Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tri-County Work Camp

Well, I wasn't able to make it to the first day of the work camp, but I did attend the dinner and devotion. On the first day everyone still seemed very uncomfortable around eacher. I was able to attend the full work camp on the second day, and it was HOT!!!! The food Ruby made was awesome! You just can't beat homemade food! I did some weedeating, and picked weeds out of a garden. When it was time for dinner, I noticed the most wonderful thing, everyone was integrated as one big happy youth group! The one thing I have always wanted to happen for a long time! I also made two new friends that day, and that's one thing I love about these youth type functions is the ability to make new friends! The devotion was excellent as well, filled with laughter and serious thoughts. In the end when it was all over, I wasn't able to make a personal goodbye to my new friends, nor could a find a way to, so I just said see you later! The was an experience that I shall never forget and I hope the next time, I will make even more new friends and get to know more youth groups better! This truly was an indescribable moment!



Toney Stowers said...

I love you Man! I'm so glad you got to be there and it was uplifting for you!

Jesse said...

Uplifting is definately the word, but also gave me a sense of accomplishment, something I rarely ever have!