Friday, June 02, 2006

I Finally Graduated!

Well, yesterday was the big finale, my graduation! This is truly a major chapter coming to a close in my life, but only opens to an even bigger chapter, this chapter is known as college, but I'm not going to think about that at this moment, I want to reflect on what happened last night. During graduation while sitting with all my classmates, I learned that I may have had more friends at that school than I may have realized, but it was just the last night where everyone is just saying goodbye. I had my picture taken with my best friend (at least still in heart), and we made a vowl to be friends forever. I talked with some more people, looking at them, I see grown men and women ordinary people anymore, we are truly ready for the real world, a world of experiencing the good and the bad things that is being thrown at us. I didn't cry, but I was getting close to it. For those who missed the graduation, that's ok, I know you were probably busy and would have come if you had the chance.

That's What Friends Are For

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