Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Serving God, anyone can do it!

I think that some people think that they aren't doing anything to serve God, but truly they probably don't realize that they probably are serving him. I was in those shoes at one time or another. What made me open my eyes further was the fact that the church needed me for the sound room, and during one sermon about serving God, I realized I was doing something, being head of the sound room. Another way I serve God is through my blog providing christian music, special posts that are christ related, and everyday topics that I can relate in a religious perspective. Even though I don't get much publicity like other blogs I have listed, even though I would like more, if I can just reach one person, I have done my job. For those who question themselves, you should ask yourself to look deep within yourself and think:
What kind of action have I done that has a Christ like attitude?
After you ask yourself that question, some answer could be: Are you being a good friend to people? Do you respect others? Have you ever helped anybody out when they needed it most?
These are just a few awesome ways that show you serve God. Never lose hope in yourself, always believe that you are useful in some kind of way, if you are happy with yourself, that's usually all that matters.

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