Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Times Are Changing..

Life used to be so simple in the past, with all the inappropriate behaviors locked away behind a closet door. The orientation of genders were either boy and girl or not spoken about. Movies had very extreme requirements in order to be even shown to the public. In today's time, all of this is completely out of proportion, with people showing their true nature to the public, somethings shouldn't be seen. Movies today are so revealing and the ratings keep getting more pathetic as our generations advance, with movies in the PG-13 rating, to me some of these movies should be rated R. This world is really starting to turn into a big mess. I may sound like someone way out of my age range, but things like this sort of worry me. I can't even imagine what God is even thinking of us right now. There is one thing that is in a way positive to today's society and it's the fact that we can choose our own religion without the fear of being harmed or made fun of by others, although some still do it. I know that my knowledge of all this is probably a little inexperienced, but everything starts out somewhere.

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