Sunday, February 19, 2006

Winterfest Reflections

This years Winterfest, to me was the best one yet, but usually when great things happen, sad things follow right behind them..I will detail more on those factors in a bit, but for now I will share some of my experiences of this trip. With the topic being Rock Solid, quite a bit of information was presented to everyone about how much do you know Jesus Christ, and are you able to explain yourself about him to someone if they do ask you for proof. Well, I will say for sure, that there is proof that all this exists, through ancient artifacts found in Israel. To me that is proof enough to stop an arguement, but I guess for some it's just not enough. There was a lot of beautiful singing, but sadly I lost my voice for that weekend and couldn't really sing. There was plenty of christian comedy that could bring anyones spirit up. What also made Winterfest so special, was being able to walk around with some people I rarely are around with and eat at nice restaurants and have fun, which has a family kind of feeling to it. That's the positive feedback from Winterfest, now for the sad parts, as from the previous post before about Jake leaving, I really didn't get to say goodbye to him the way I planned it, so I did it by phone, but I really want to perform it in person, but just by seeing him at Winterfest made it really difficult to accept the fact that he is leaving. Another sad thing is the Kenneys are moving also, but much later. I hate it when people move away, I feel alone and devastated. I never shed so many tears in one weekend, in a way it felt pretty good to finally let out some of my pain for others to comfort me about. I can't wait for the next Winterfest to experience more powerful meanings, and be reunited with those who have moved away..


Toney Stowers said...

Remember God is in control and everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reasons are easy to spot and other times they are much harder. The kingdom is bigger than Hurricane or Dunbar but remember, so is the family. Where ever Jake and Kenney's end up, and where ever you end up we are still family. And one day soon their will be no more seperation,

Jesse said...

It's an awesome thought..and yet it seems so far away right now..