Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Death Occurs When You Least Expect It

The news of a teacher at our school passing away was quite a shock. You never expect someone to die, especially a teacher only a semester after she leaves. This lady died of something, no one knows for sure of what it was, but it was on Sunday as Spring Break was coming to a close. I speek of this news only to say that you never know what terrible things could happen to you or someone else within a short span of time, so if you care about someone or you want to accomplish something before that unknown time occurs, you should do something about it. Don't let regret or any other sad things dwell on you. I may have not known this teacher very well, but I do remember talking to her, and it was sad, but these small memories can have a great impact on someone depending on what it was.


Toney Stowers said...

I hated to hear about your teacher. She must have been really loved.

Jesse said...

Hopefully she is in a better place.