Sunday, April 30, 2006

Praise Everywhere!

Finally, today is the Area Wide Youth Rally, and I'm so excited to meet more people from other churches to praise the Lord with them....well, I will probably praising God through the sound room, but it's meaning is just as strong haha. I hope to make more friends tonight, and I hope everyone has a blast!

Update On Event
This youth night was ok, but had one problem....EVERYONE STAYED CLEAR OF EACH OTHER!!! It's like they were making a remake of white and black segregated schools, people just wouldn't leave their groups that they always hang with...I tried to sit at another groups table, but it was full. I forgot about this problem always occurring, and it brings back my terrible past, when I was alone. I pray that some kind of change happens for the next Praise Everywhere. If the next Area Wide Youth Night ends up being another Area Wide Youth Segregation, they need to stop having them in the first place, or it's meaning was done in vain, I loved the idea during the service where all the churches mixed up into one big family, no cliques, no barriers, just one unit, the way it should be, but of course after it was all over everyone retreats to their barriers and back to step one. Someday this will surely improve, I just don't know when...

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