Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A world beyond reality.

Have you ever wanted to be somewhere enchanting, somewhere out of the real hardships of what the world does? This may not take you completely away from it all, but it gives you some peace of mind. Online gaming is a great way of going into your own fantasy. I myself play online games and I have some posted in my blogger under the links section and the good thing is that they are free. I shall give a small description of some posted. Ragnarok Online- A beautiful animated game with nice graphics, and real sound and music, which gives the feel of almost real life. It has many quests, and people with a multitude of classes to choose from. Gates To Heaven- An online game that makes you think of angels, that has many quests, people and 4 classes of hermits 2 being male and 2 being female. Dragon Raja-A great game that has a few classes, many quests and people and will be going free to play in June (not sure of the exact date), but it will be great.

I will warn you, this game may have bad language, not from the game itself, but from the players on the server. There might be foul language blockers, but I'm not sure. The language isn't much of a problem, if it is just minimize the chat screen. Remember I play on these games, so if you decide you want to play, please invite friends and family to come a join me in a world beyond reality and step into a world of fantasy.


Toney Stowers said...

I love reality games but mostly sports. I love replay past Steelers, Herd and Pirates seasons. Maybe I should expand my horizons and try something else?

Jesse said...

I agree, these games will expand your horizons.