Sunday, May 15, 2005

We need more fun things for church.

As busy as our youth group schedule is and all, we need more FUN things to do, we all know the usual ice skating, but how about regular roller skating (if there is any left)? Something else that would be different is going to a restaurant and all of us eating, and a great restaurant is the Californian American Chinese Cuisine, great buffet of both worlds. Another movie night would be pretty decent along with a game night where everyone brings in fun games to play (of course I bring in the best of them all the DDR). Of course it's almost that time of year again lets go to the park for an all teen cook out meaning ages 13 and up, it's time that teenagers have fun without young children always having to be there. These kind of activities are not demands just requests, and if this stuff is coming from me that has quite a bit of meaning, since I usually keep quiet about it all. Well now I have awaken from that sleep and I'm ready for action. So if you find any of my ideas pretty good for the future then thanks!

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Toney Stowers said...

Jesse thanks for the suggestions. We are going to lunch 3 times this Summer as a youth group. We are also going to the movies 3 times. A pool party, Camden Park, Carowinds, 3 Youth Nights and 2 Church Camps. That's just the stuff I can remember. Their is fun to be had.