Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Unhealthy, unbeneficial school food?

It has been said that the food we it at school is healthy. Well in reality those bozos who said this should eat some food poisoning for saying that, since the food only makes people gain weight more. This state is too lazy to fork over cash for a good cause than for the bad causes to just waste money. You don't need to worry about freshman 15 when you get in college because, you gotta worry about the highschool supreme (or in other words freshman - senior 40) first. I gained so much weight from eating highschool food it's not even funny. If schools want healthy and smart students they should care a little more than they are, it's not the present they should worry about it's the future! I used to be 210 pounds before I stopped eating school food and now I'm 173 that should tell you something, school food is bad!

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