Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thoughts of Graduation

It seems like forever, for me to reach this amazing peak in my life, the capability of graduating! The journeys I had to take to get here was no smooth path, it seems that every step was filled with rocks. In Elementary School, life was just simple, and stuff didn't matter, although I thought I was really ugly at that stage in life. Then I come to Middle School, words can't explain how much I hated those years, I mean, I had to deal with these stupid slips called reminders (only in my 7th grade year did I receive some). Popularity started to be the big thing, and drama just started getting more intense, it sort of reminded me of a prison, your boundaries were limited, and you had to try very hard not to screw up. Now I come to High School, the place that many people seem to dream about, and I only find it to be just a little better than Middle School. The popularity is just maxed out at this point, and don't get me started on the drama issues. Dealing with so many evils at once could drive someone crazy. Everything just seemed to come out of the closet when I came here. Depression began to take effect in my Freshman and Sophomore years. My Junior year, I was just starting to get out of that stage, since it was at such a serious degree. In my Senior year, I started to know who I could and couldn't trust, at that moment, I really didn't have any friends at all. My maturity at church began to increase quite rapidly, at least that's what people say. I began to be very active in the church, and realize the value that everyone meant to me, I wanted to be visible, and a few Youth Ministers helped me reach that goal, and now I seem to be doing pretty well. It's officially almost time for me to graduate. I'm excited for this event because I won't have to deal with a lot of the students I knew from High School, and I get to have a new start at life to see if I can be better, which is the plan. I know that God will lead me down the right path, and many people will help along the way.

Greatest Love of All

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