Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Want To Change The World

I got bored and I heard a song which was called Change The World, but I decided to use christian type lyrics to make it better. Don't criticize me to much.

I want to change the world, live a life filled with love and care, walking along side with Christ, and when I feel alone, I know that someone will be there, just have some faith!

When I walk into a world of hate people try to bring me down, and I think to myself it's going to be ok, because I have God on my side, and nothing can take that away from me.

I want to change the world, learn to be a firm example, and lead others wrong, through faith I can succeed, and hopefully make many people believe.

As the journey down this narrow path lengthens, the depression and burdens of this world thickens, and it looks as if all hope is gone, then some friends lend me a helping hand to make me strong.

I want to change the world, growing up in a family, that will forever help me, for when I need some support, and will show the up most guidance.

When the journey finally comes to an end, I plan on returning to his open arms for an eternity of peace and happiness.

That ends this song, I couldn't really make it match the official lyrics, in fact I probably wasn't even close, so basically this just came from my heart. The one thing I learned in just this one year is, that I would have gotten no where without my church family, I love them all dearly!

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