Sunday, May 21, 2006


Ok, this isn't some happy post on my expeience with this event that comes with graduation, but I shall tell it how I saw it through my eyes. I come in and of course I feel weird, I see my worst enemy from school (which so happens to be in show choir), which makes it even more awkward. I sit in the pues for a bit, then I get an awkward boredom feeling, so I begin to walk some to ease the boredome. Then a few more Seniors come and and we go into another room with everyone else. We are in 2 lines both with exactly 25 students in each row (wow, only 50 students out of like 231 haha what a surprise). We then march into the sanctuary, and sit in the front pues. The songs these kids sang just made me want to gag a lung up, I mean geez...who sings the song We Are A Circle of Friends, when over half of us probably don't like each other to begin with? The sermon was pretty boring, I would prefer my Youth Minister to do it instead he always makes things interesting. Then we have another song then the corny lighting of a candle with my enemy saying a prayer, then it's all over! I was burning up inside my gown. All I can say is that it's almost over! Till the next episode of my life in the world of graduation shall continue soon!

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