Friday, May 12, 2006

Proms Tomorrow!

The time has finally come at last, the Hurricane High School prom is tomorrow, and I actually have a date! There are some things I don't like about proms in my generation, and that is the use of Rap as dance music. If you have music like that, it promotes the nastiest dancing, for example, bumping and grinding (which I still don't really know what that is), but it's a dirty dance and I hate it. Another thing that makes me crazy is people getting hammered, whats the fun in getting drunk? I'm sure there will be some nice snacks to munch on, and there is a good photographer this time. I hope no one gets hurt leaving the prom.


Betsy said...

Aww prom! I never went to one. My senior class consisted of six people... so there wasn't a point, haha.
You don't want to know what bumping and grinding is, you're better off really.
I hope you have fun!! I want to see pictures!
I'll see you Sunday! :)

Jesse said...

Ok! I will try to get pictures as soon as I can.