Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Door Is Starting To Open

If people remember me from the years ago, and last year including, I was a totally secluded individual. I still sometimes am very secluded, but I'm getting so much better about going beyond the seclusive life. I guess I should start where this change began. When I was at the lowest point in my life, my best friend Sean was there for me and was a grand encouragement for me, but it just didn't seem like enough and I was back to scene 1, then in the Fall of 2005 or Summer of 2005, I started being a little more active in church, which was slowly bringing forth a new side of me, which some people noticed. Of course I still wasn't satisfied enough with the way things were still going, because there were still people who really never knew I existed or at least totally forgot who I was and I wanted to make myself visible, this drastic change happend at one of the Praise Everywhere events, which I think was I think one or two Praise Everywhere events ago, but that's besides the point, what brought this change was Jake Kaufman. When I first saw this person, which was like a year or two ago, I thought to myself, why is he a Youth Minister, he doesn't have the maturity of one. I finally realized by how people act around him he seems like a pretty fun person! My problem there was, with my social status being not the best in the world, I probably wasn't popular enough to even talk to him, but I gave it a shot and of course my thoughts about popularity shouldn't have gotten in the way of talking to someone, and I made a new friend! Jake was truly one of the first people who allowed me to come out of my seclusive shell, and George Welty, God bless his soul, I think he didn't really know who I was until he met me in person technically for the first time, which means I'm starting to be visible! This most recent Praise Everywhere has been another way for me to let people know that I exist and the fact that I'm really trying to be a better person. I can't wait till the next Praise Everywhere!

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