Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Life Beyond a Doubt

When people say that life is terrible, I believe what they say, but....there is a positive atmosphere about life that is completely overlooked, I myself am starting to figure it out. For instance on rainy days, people feel depressed, but I feel at peace, and calm about it, when others complain that the school food is terrible, I think it tastes good (since I rarely eat it and I'm not supposed to), when people get dumped by someone they thought they *loved*, I think to myself, it's probably for the best, you could have gotten into a lot of trouble if you stuck with that relationship. When people complain that they don't have something to believe in, I think to myself how fortunate I am to have God to believe in, and wonder why they don't believe the same way. I know for certain, that I still take what life has to offer for granted, but I'm starting to realize that not everything has to be doubted, you just have to look deeper to see what it really means. Sure finding people to be with can still be troublesome at times, but I got used to being alone a lot and will surely find someone or a few people that I can be great friends with, God has a plan for me, and someday I will discover what he wants me to accomplish. Life is too short, don't let the little things strip your life away.


PatrickMead said...

I love your optimism. And your website is very well designed. Kudos! God bless you and all those at the Hurricane church.

Jesse said...

Thank you so much!