Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Once upon a time there existed two kingdoms, one called Hope, and one called Despair. The people of Hope Kingdom lived life to the fullest and praised God everyday and the people of Despair Kingdom were always depressed to the fullest and worshiped a golden monument. One day a disturbing note came to both kingdoms saying: If you don't love your enemy, people from your kingdoms will leave and live a life beyond hope and despair. Both kingdoms didn't truly understand what the meaning of the letter was trying to say, so they continued there lives the way they were. All of a sudden people of both kingdoms started leaving and never to be found, then they realized that life beyond hope and despair was death, and now know that the people leaving were leaving for good. The kingdoms realized that they are both people and share the same goals if only they would worship one God. They didn't wait any longer, they joined kingdoms to become the ultimate kingdom which became known as Love. Thanks to the love of the kingdoms the ones who left came back, and everyone rejoiced.

I know my story probably sounded a little corny for some, but there is awesome meaning behind it. If we all love one another, there is hope for all and if there is hope for all, I think there will be more love. This is one of the ways I think Heaven will be like, a whole world of family, loving each other, with no more despair.

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