Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What is true friendship?

I'm back to the reoccuring question that my life seems to be circling around...friendship. It seems that I can't keep any at school, due to pathetic reasons. I do have some wonderful friends at church and college, the college friends I will see soon, and I will soon lose physical association with ones at church. Why does life have to have a drastic change in just a few years? I hope I can find the answers to my questions, so I can finally let go of one of the problems that weigh my life down. Oh God, please ease some of this pain, so I can move on peacefully.


PatrickMead said...

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that no one on earth can fill those empty places in you. They can't make you happy or fulfill you. If we try to find friends "for life, to give us life" we are really using people as tools, evaluating them for utility potential. It took me years to learn that and enjoy the moments I had with people... and expect nothing from them or from tomorrow. And the Lord provided very, very well. I will keep you in prayers.

Jesse said...

Thank you very much. I know these kind of hopes really can't be relied upon, but it's just my human emotions taking control.